Aspetar Dental Clinic


Dr. Abul Khair

General Dentist
QUALIFICATIONBDS, MDS ( Pediatric Dentistry) MHR (Scholar)

Pediatric Treatment:

Fluoride treatments based on Caries Risk Assessment.
Silver Diamine Fluoride Indications and its Used in SMART Restorations.
Oral and dental Management of Patients with Medically compromised Diseases
Oral Management of Children with Special Health care Needs

Management of Dental traumatology including all types of dental fractures or Luxation injuries

Preventive Orthodontics
Interceptive Orthodontics
Space maintainers, Space Regainers
Functional appliances
Habit breaking appliances
Non-Surgical and Surgical Extractions
Oral soft tissue surgical procedures including Mucocoeles , traumatic fibromas etc
Management of dentition with congenital disorders like amelogenesis imperfecta , ectodermal dysplasia, fluorosis , regional Odontodysplasia etc

Restorative Dentistry
Resin Composite Restorations
Stainless steel crowns
Celluloid / strip crowns
Preformed Zirconia Crowns



General Dentistry:

Endodontic Treatments
Including Root canal treatments, pulp capping, Management of Endodontic emergencies
Cellulitis / Dental abscesses
Oral and dental traumas
Fissure sealants
Extractions – Surgical and Non- Surgical
Scaling, micro-abrasions , polishing
Fixed prosthesis including crowns, bridges, veneers
Post and core build ups
Bleaching – Teeth whitening procedures
ICON Treatment for dental discolorations

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